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Our History

The concept of PlaySafe, a non-profit entity, has evolved over the past twenty years. During that time, Clemson Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation and Blue Ridge Orthopaedics professionally partnered to provide sports medicine services to the high schools in Anderson, Oconee and Pickens Counties, South Carolina.  Clemson Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation (CSMR) employed ten certified athletic trainers (ATCs) who provided sports medicine services to the high schools and Blue Ridge Orthopaedics (BROA) provided team physician services to the same schools including event coverage and pre-participation physicals.

As sports injuries increased in high schools, the economy slowed, healthcare costs skyrocketed, the demand for athletic trainers hit an all-time high. It became apparent to CSMR and BROA that something needed to be done to meet the demand, raise funds and hire more certified athletic trainers.  With the goal of sustaining and expanding this vital service to schools, student athletes, parents and the community, PlaySafe a 501c(3) organization was created.

Sports Medicine services provided by certified athletic trainers are the healthcare entry point for our youth athletic teams and many coaches, faculty, staff and parents. The services are comprehensive including event coverage of practices and games, daily preparation and return to sport progressions including concussion management, equipment safety responsibilities, injury prevention, nutrition and education.

PlaySafe currently employs 19 athletic trainers covering 17 high schools in South Carolina and Georgia and are ever expanding.