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Mission Statement

PlaySafe works to educate, promote, support and foster healthy lifestyles, wellness and safe athletic participation in active youth, young adults and the community at large.

Vision Statement

Secondary schools in our service area will have at least one full-time, certified or licensed health care professional on staff, dedicated to the provision of comprehensive sports medicine/health services for all student athletes and the student population at large. These services will encourage and promote the healthy, safe, athletic participation and return to sports activity for all student athletes, as well as providing healthy lifestyle educational programming for both student athletes and nonathletes. The secondary school program support will serve as a community-based, healthy lifestyle program from which additional community specific programming can be developed and served.

PlaySafe, a non-profit organization, strives to support essential, sports medicine services to our athletic youth and community. We believe professional, competent sports medicine services, beginning with a Certified Athletic Trainer, are critical to safe and healthy athletic participation. The Sports Medicine Services in our community are unfunded by the state with the cost historically borne by private businesses. PlaySafe exists to support our schools, parents, businesses and the community at large in an effort to keep our youth and community Safe, Healthy and Active….in other words….PLAY SAFE!

PlaySafe Goals

  • To support the provision of certified athletic training services to secondary schools and higher education in our service area.
  • Promote the proper education of athletes and the public at large on safe athletic participation, rehabilitation, and return to activity.
  • Promote healthy lifestyles and community-based wellness education emphasizing youth to encourage lifelong health promotion.
  • Promote and support avenues for medical and health education and professional career development for youth.
  • Assist secondary schools in providing safety or medical supplies as needed for safe athletic participation and quality medical care.
  • Support the development and function of an effective sports health team.
  • Shape the future of the sports health team members, their roles and collaboration.
  • Support and contribute to the development of Evidence-Based Sports Health research and safe athletic participation guidelines.
  • Support Sports Medicine, Rehabilitation, and Health and Wellness educational programs.
  • Support and provide an entry point to healthcare not otherwise available to the under served and uninsured in our service area.

Champion Circle Supporters:

AnMed Health

ATI Physical Therapy

Self Regional

Aiken Regional Medical Center

CMI Carolina Musculoskeletal Institute of Aiken

Physicians of GHS Blue Ridge Orthopedics

Teammate Supporters:

WCCP 105.5 The Roar

TREHEL Corporation